LUMINOUS at Darling Quarter

Luminous at Darling Quarter, the world's largest interactive light installation, inspires imaginations and instils awe. It illuminates Sydney, and invites you to come and play.

Constructed from 557 LED lights and possessing unique interactive capabilities, Luminous at Darling Quarter offers the Sydney community a breathtaking backdrop to their delight and a shimmering canvas through which to explore their curiosities. Overlooking Darling Harbour's recently rejuvenated Darling Quarter, the digital facade represents the latest international benchmark in urban digital innovation, and will redefine the way we think of public art, play and communication.

The remarkable result of a twelve-month collaboration between creator Bruce Ramus and four primary partners - Darling Quarter, Commonwealth Bank, Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, and the driving force behind the installation, Lend Lease - Luminous at Darling Quarter is a radiant digital facade spanning a distance of 150 metres. Powered by 100 per cent renewable energy, which is generated by solar panels affixed to the roof, Luminous at Darling Quarter represents unprecedented advancements in green energy technology.

From families to friends, couples to colleagues, Luminous at Darling Quarter will enliven the experiences of visitors to Darling Quarter, uniting Sydney with wonderment, innovation and the countless possibilities for exploration.

Nightly Programming:

Monday - Wednesday: Smooth pre-programmed content designed by Bruce Ramus, 6-11pm
Thursday & Sunday: Dynamic colourful pre-programmed content designed by Bruce Ramus, 6-11pm
Friday & Saturday: Interactive play via the consoles on the Village Green North and South, 6-11pm

To interact with LUMINOUS at Darling Quarter click here.