The Playground

The Children’s Playground at Darling Quarter is one of the most spectacular ever built in Australia, featuring an array of fun activities that promote learning and imagination for all ages. Water games, climbing ropes, swings, slides, and a flying fox will keep the kids entertained for hours. And best of all, it’s free!


Balance Ropes

Like a Circus tightrope walker, test your skill on the balance ropes, which is a first for any Australian playground! See how fast you can safely complete the 18.7m long course and challenge your friends to better it!


Big Slide

The Big Slide is the largest slide in the Darling Quarter playground and it’s not for the faint-hearted. At over 3 metres high with a length of 8 metres, test your bravery alongside your mates!


Flying Fox

Up the ramp, count to three, and then whizz away through a grove of trees in a rush of air! What do you mean your local playground doesn’t have a 21 meter Flying fox?!


Giant Ring

An exhilarating 3D swing experience for you and your friends! Swing side to side, up and down, or make a circle as you challenge your friends. There’s room for everyone, so no big line ups!


Jumbo Swing

If you love to reach for the stars, the Jumbo Swing is waiting for you! And if you’ve ever yelled ‘Higher, higher!!’ on a regular swing, this one will take your breath away as you launch into orbit!



Darling Quarter playground’s highest point and a challenge for any budding explorers! 83 square metres of rope net rises over 10 metres into the air, creating an awesome challenge for kids of all ages. Be the first to climb and enjoy the view!


Pump Station

Sometimes the simplest things are the best, especially in summer! Make waves and cool down with Darling Quarter’s 26 water jets and an exciting range of water patterns.


Sand Diggers

Digging a hole and then filling it up again has never been so exciting! Just like the real thing, our 2 Sand Diggers can pick up and move sand around the huge sand pit area, nestled amongst gorgeous palm trees.


Shade Zone

Play it cool and relax in the shade of one of Darling Quarters dedicated shaded areas. The perfect spot for a picnic lunch with your BFFs and close to the Water Screw for a quick chill out!


Slide Hill

Gravity reigns on our custom designed hill slides. Race to the top via the custom designed rubber mounds and then launch down the safe, slippery surface for hours of fun.



Do you have the skill to master the Supernova? It?s the ultimate test of balance and strength! Lots of spinning parts means there’s room for lots of kids. Plus, it’s cool fun for all ages.



We’ve given this playground classic a modern twist! Whether you Swing on your own or get a push, the sky is the limit. There are 4 big kids swings, and 2 for the little ones, plenty of room for everybody!


Tangled Web

Perfect for younger kids, this tangled web is ready to test your climbing ability. There’s over 42 square metres of rope netting, but be careful not to get caught!


The Water Scoop

Round and round! Faster and faster! It doesn’t get any more fun than this! See how much water you can get the Water Scoop splashing around. Splash your friends, your folks, or yourself if it’s a hot day!


Water Screw

Science comes to life! Kids will marvel as the water cascades from the Archimedes water screw. He was the bloke who designed the water pump 2000 years ago, but even he would be amazed at this one!


Water Works

Become the ‘Water Master’ as you decide the ebb and flow of the Darling Quarter Water Works. Control the dam via 7 water switches, 5 water gates, a water wheel and an Archimedes water screw.